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Dynamojis - Animated Emojis and Stickers for iMessages
Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2013-02-27

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•••#1 Most Downloaded ENTERTAINMENT App (USA/Paid) - in 2013•••

•••The ORIGINAL and ONLY Dynamojis App On the AppStore•••

Check out the screenshots! Download the app today to get 40 FREE animated emojis (and stickers), the others must be purchased. Get it now so you don't miss your chance on the 40 free dynamojis (that's a lot)! This app sends ANIMATED IMAGES that contain your text and animated emojis (this is how animated content works on iMessages) you will be texting an animated iMessage that will be an animated image made to replicate an iMessage bubble! Check the screenshots to see how they will look in action!

Dynamojis allows you to:
•Be awesome.
•Unlock and Insert up to 160 animated emoticons into your text messages (or send as stickers)
•Change the bubble color of your text-messages
•Make the bubble background of your text messages animated
•Change the font of your text messages (e.g. red-text, blue-glowing-text, bold-text, underlined-text, etc.)

This app allows you to text animated smiley face emojis. The way the app works is it lets you type your message with text and there is an animated emoji keyboard in the app. You will type the animated emojis (dynamojis) that you want and they will be inserted into your message. When you are ready to send your moving message the whole text will be rendered into an animated gif (the only way to have animated emojis on Apple devices are to render them in gif format). This animated gif message will then be copied to your clipboard so you can paste it into an iMessage! It looks incredibly cool and all of your friends will be AMAZED! Check out the screenshots below to see just how awesome the new emojis look in action!

**Get the app NOW (hurry!) to get 40 animated emojis!!!! You can then unlock 120 more animated emojis within the app! AMAZING!**

Impress all of your friends with your new animated emoticons while they are stuck using the plain old boring motionless "emojis". With dynamojis you will be unlocking and texting from a selection of up to 160 moving smileys in a matter of seconds! Be the envy of your friends! Download the app now! (You won't regret it!)

(*Downloading this app gives you access to many animated emojis! When you download the app we will give you a TON of animated emojis for free (40 unlocked free-of-charge after app-download), the others must be unlocked by the user!)

See screenshots below for examples! Enjoy!

This app contains animated emoticons and background bubbles to insert into your MMS iMessage bubble! (SOME (not all) premium smileys as well as the bubble-backgrounds and text-effects must be unlocked)


Dynamoji© Apps4Life, LLC - 2013
Dynamoji™ Apps4Life, LLC - 2013
Dynamojis© Apps4Life, LLC - 2013
Dynamojis™ Apps4Life, LLC - 2013
Any and All images used in this application (including all frames of the animated emoticons "Dynamojis") are TradeMarked property of Apps4Life, LLC (2013), do not use them in any of your own projects without first receiving our written consent. (acceptable use includes screenshots of our application for the general public, and use in text-messages (MMS) and iMessages if the images your are texting were created by our app.)

"iMessage(s)" is(are) terms owned by Apple, inc.

*Do NOT copy this app and/or it's name(s), you will be held liable to the fullest extent of the law.
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