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Mole Detective 2
New Consumer Solutions LLC
Category: Health & Fitness
Updated: 2012-02-24

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Mole Detective™ takes pictures of moles on your skin and analyzes their symptoms of melanoma to increase the chance of detecting skin cancer in early stages. The survival rate of melanoma is a dismal 15% at stage four. However, when caught early, the survival rate is 95%. Early detection is critical. Mole Detective™ helps you to detect skin cancer earlier by helping you track the top five symptoms of the cancer right at home.

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1. Indicate where on the body your mole of concern is placed or select a mole to update that you have already been tracking.
2. Take a picture of the mole
3. The app analyzes your mole using the dermatologist ABCDE method and gives you a risk factor based on the symptoms your mole may or may not be showing
4. If you are updating a mole, you can see past pictures and how it has chanced by selecting the Evolution tab.
5. After you save the mole, set an alarm reminder to update your mole analysis and then find a dermatologist near you.

A sign of melanoma is change over time but who can remember what their mole looked like a month ago? This app allows you to first understand the top 5 symptoms of the skin cancer including tracking the change over time so you don’t need to rely on your own memory of what exactly that mole looked like 30 days ago.

Mole Detective was inspired by a stage four melanoma survivor. Our mission is to decrease the amount of people who are faced with fighting to be in the 15% survival rate of stage four by getting people to notice their moles are showing symptoms and going to the dermatologist.

It is important to see a dermatologist yearly and use Mole Detective™ monthly to help identify mole problems. If a mole is showing symptoms of melanoma or changes rapidly, please visit your local doctor for a professional visit. The only certain way to diagnosis a mole is through a biopsy.
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