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SHERLOCK: Interactive Adventure
Category: Books
Updated: 2014-03-03

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NOTE: Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPad 2 and later; iPhone 4s and later; iPod touch (5th generation)

SHERLOCK: Interactive Adventure is an app that will make you look at interactive books in a whole new light.
Read, listen, embark on a journey, conduct an investigation, and discover the world of the great detective Sherlock Holmes for yourself. There is more to this story than just words and pictures. In place of simple illustrations, 3D animated images adorn its pages. You are no longer looking on from the outside: you are directly involved in the events taking place, and see the world through the eyes of Dr Watson.

Can you remember your favourite book? What was it that you loved so much about it? It might have been the gripping plot, the amazing characters, the incredible atmosphere... When we read a book, we picture everything taking place in colourful images. Sometimes illustrations help to get our imagination going. We enjoy looking at them, but sometimes this is simply not enough. After all, an illustration in a book is no more than a keyhole that we can peek through in order to catch a glimpse of the imaginary world created by the author.
But have you ever wanted to look further through the keyhole and open that secret door? We bet you have... wouldn’t it be interesting to find yourself standing right next to your favourite character, and to be able to explore their world? To touch all the objects in the room, and have a good look at them?

When we created SHERLOCK: Interactive Adventure, we threw open the doors to the world of Victorian England, and we are delighted to be able to invite you in with us.
We have lovingly recreated the interiors and street scenes of nineteenth-century London. The vehicles, clothes, weapons, signs, furniture, and decor – everything is completely authentic. In creating the characters we paid particular attention to their clothes, hairstyles, mannerisms, and personalities.
The film of the book may have wonderful visuals, but any screenplay inevitably loses something of the original. The book itself is the original, but it usually comes with just one or two mute illustrations. Without changing a single word of the original text, we have filled the story with myriad fascinating details, those which are normally left ‘off-stage’ and unseen. We have created the perfect combination of a classic book, an audio book, a film, a historical study, and an illustrated encyclopaedia, incorporating elements of gameplay.
This interactive book has been created exclusively for the App Store
Special features:
• the authentic, original text
• an audio version read by Simon Vance
• 30 plot-based scenes packed full of 3D animation
• a collection of period articles containing descriptive text
• dossiers on the key characters
• a search mode to help you find articles and clues
• an interactive map of 19th-century London
• 20 original musical themes
• supports the very latest iOS functions
It is recommended that you use a Wi-Fi connection to download the app
A freemium version of the app is available, meaning you can enjoy some features of this interactive book absolutely free. The free version offers an in-app purchase which unlocks the full Sherlock Holmes adventure without leaving the app. The full version also allows you to restart your investigation and clue hunt.
Enjoy a fascinating and fun-filled read!
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