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Survival on Raft
Alekseq Ogorodnikov
Category: Games
Updated: 2017-02-02

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Survive on the raft in the middle of the ocean!

You found yourself all alone on the small raft wandering in the ocean. There are no signs of earth nearby. You see all kinds of debris passing by that made you realize that you are the only survivor of ship crash! Now you need to fight and struggle for your life if you want to survive! The angry and hungry shark is always near your raft, waiting for you to fall down so you gotta be careful! Gather resources from the water to craft equipment and instruments, find food and drinkable water to stay alive and expand your raft to create more comfortable place to live in!

Raft Survival features:
- Completely new survival experience!
- A real raft in the middle of the ocean!
- Crafting, building and surviving!
- Very cool looking graphics!

If you are a huge fan of other survival games, play Raft Survival – it’ll be just what you’re looking for. Completely new experience when you are on the edge of life and death! Begin your survival adventure now!
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