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Updated: 2013-12-19

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Beat your friends at this challenging word game, and show off your superior vocabulary skills. The most fun you’ll have with words!

“Challenging and oddly exciting.” The Verge
“I’ve been addicted to this for the past few days.” AppAdvice

Downloaded more than 300,000 times.

+ Show off +
You’ll get to show off your vocabulary skills and dictionary-like mind to the world! You can play with your Facebook friends, or make new ones with the random opponent matchmaking.

+ The board is your oyster +
Spell your way towards your opponent’s base and win! You can zigzag, move diagonally or from side to side for the ultimate vocabulary smackdown.

+ Cut them off +
Carefully plan your moves to cut off your opponent’s trails by using the letters they already claimed.

+ Claim all the letters +
Gain super-advantage by using power-ups, and swing the board in your favour!

Warning: It can get highly addictive!

This player vs player word game is a brand-new experience that will push your vocabulary to its limits. Search the board and form words in this witty word game by tapping the letters.

Protect your base while advancing toward your opponent’s by claiming as many letters on the board as possible. Don’t let your opponent get too close! One word spelled with one of the letters in your base, and you lose!

Cut through their letter chains to stop them advancing. Use the power-ups on the board to gain an advantage, and find yourself one letter closer to the win!

+The press about Wordbase+
THE VERGE: “Strategy sets Wordbase apart from the rest... challenging and oddly exciting.”
BEAUTIFUL PIXELS: “The UI is done fantastically... once you’re set, you’ll be addicted.”
APPADVICE: “It is a brand new twist on strategic word games, and it does it in a gorgeous way.”
BRITISH COUNCIL: “Great free app to get students building and practicing their vocabulary.”
MAKEUSEOF: “It’s surprising that it’s taken so long for someone to marry word play and chess.”

•Chat with your opponents during the game
•Create words by connecting letters in any direction;
•Tactical power ups that will give an edge to your strategy;
•Facebook, Game Center and Email integration for easy sign up and log in;
•You can choose you own username;
•Beautiful design with awesome animations and unique sound effects;
•Available in English, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish.

WordBase is a free to download and play game, but we offer a Premium Upgrade via an in-app purchase, if you want to experience the joys of playing an unlimited number of games at the same time.

+ Support +
If you have any questions or comments please send us an email at Note that if you leave a support question in the comments we won’t be able to write you back, so just shoot us an email instead.

Visit us at or follow us on
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