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myPrints 1.6 Description:
What Do Your Fingerprints Say About You? Want to discover your perfect friendship or soul mate?

This is the first Friendship, Dating, and Love Tester app of its kind. We use a specific formula based on your results to determine your match. Its simple and easy to use! Your finger prints are scientifically proven to be linked directly to a distinct part of your brain. We use this connection along with our unique formula to determine your best match (friendship, love or dating).
Everyone has a unique fingerprint and even identical twins are no exception. It is the only thing on earth that can tell us apart or match us together with an exact match. There is unlimited info on the internet, but this app is the only way to determine the results accurately with our formula and comparison database. All over the world doctors use DMIT (Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Testing) to discover information about clients.

This scientific testing method helps us determine ones natural talents, potential, and personality. We have made a small version of this test in the "Just Me" section of the app. To give you the concept of how to find like-minded people for friendship or dating we have included the "Match Finder" portion to search the world for people you will relate to easily.

There are three components to this app:

(1) "Just Me" which is exactly as it says, a section just for you to go through and determine one or all ten of your fingerprint types and see what they tell you about yourself.

(2) The "Love Test" is the portion of the app, which helps determine your compatibility between you and another person. So give it a try between you and your partner.

(3) "Match Finder" is an online portion of the app where you can find your match (friendship or dating) through your fingertips.

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