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Timed Test Arcade
FormSoft Group, Ltd.
Category: Education
Updated: 2012-04-06

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Thank You for the all the amazing feedback!!!

----"The students love using it and its easy to use. No more checking timed tests with the easy ability for students to email the results. The developers are very committed to updating the app and make it as good as possible."----

----"This app is a fantastic way for students to practice their basic math facts and build a strong foundation for math success."----

----"I use this app in my classroom and students have increased their speed by 50% since the start of the school year."----

Timed Test Arcade is a full-featured math facts timed test simulator that includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as an arcade in the application. Timed Test Arcade provides game play tokens rewarding children as they continue to learn their math facts. Designed to be facilitated by parents and teachers alike, Timed Test Arcade will help your child/student master their math facts.

Let’s face it, today’s children/students are game focused and Timed Test Arcade seizes upon that opportunity. Fun and learning all in one application. This version of Timed Test Arcade includes a fun arcade game called Fish Drop. You can help Pop eat by skating him into position (tilt device from left to right). You receive 5 points for every blue fish you help him eat and 1 point for every yellow fish, but if Pop eats a red fish, dropped from the sky by an angry bird, the game is over because Pop is allergic to the red sushi. If Pop eats all of the blue and yellow fish in a round, you get to spin a bonus wheel and receive bonus fish. Each round is more difficult than the last as the angry birds and red fish multiply. Help Pop stay full. In the future, Timed Test Arcade will offer additional arcade game options to keep your child/student wanting more.

Timed Test Arcade allows you to create completely customizable timed tests for any age group.

Features included in this release:

- Create customized tests with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
- Choose the number of problems and range (ex. I’d like 100 problems with numbers 3-8)
- Timer Option lets you shorten the test time as your child/student begins to master their math facts
- Instant Feedback Option is great for a child/student just beginning to learn their math facts as they can recognize incorrect answers and correct them as they go (smart answer color coding and sounds included)
- Multiple User Accounts provide teachers and parents alike the ability to support multiple children and their test activities on one mobile device
- Timed Test Arcade automatically grades the tests saving parents and teachers significant time
- Reports of all past test results including problems missed are available for parent/teacher review
- Unlockable achievements and time per problem tracking provide incentives for children to keep improving their math facts accuracy and speed
- Tokens for Arcade game play keep children motivated to learn
- Tokens are earned by completing 100 problem tests
- Print out test results to an Air Print enabled printer
- Ability to email test results to teachers or parents

When I was a kid my mom would print out timed tests and set the oven timer. She would grade the tests by hand. I didn’t like the process and sports practices seemed to always get in the way. Timed Test Arcade gives today’s parents/teachers a today’s generation tool to accomplish math facts learning anytime and anywhere, whether in the car on the way to soccer practice, in the home, or in the classroom.

Help your kids gain the confidence they need for less cost than a cup of coffee.
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